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Derwentside AC Internal Competitions

Senior Monthly Handicap Series

The Senior Monthly handicap takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. the winner is the person who gets closest to or knocks the most off their time. A plaque is awarded  to each monthly winner at the annual presentation evening. 

The first place person receives a penalty of 30 seconds, 2nd place 20 seconds, 3rd place 10 seconds for the Long Course or 20, 10 and 5 seconds for the short Course.

Points are awarded as follows 20 for 1st, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd and so on. Each monthly handicap time is based on the athletes previous 6 races not 6 months with the best time to count. The handicap times are also reviewed at the end of each year, and your handicap for the January handicap will be either your best time from your last six races if done within the last two years or your best handicap time from the last two years if you have done less than six races in that period.

The yearly winner is the person with the most points from their best 8 handicap races.

For both the Summer and winter Handicap you will have a choice of doing either the short Course (3.7 Mile winter, 3.6 Mile summer) or a long Course (5.5 Mile summer, 5.7 Mile winter). All all those taking part will be required to nominate what course they are doing before they start the handicap.

May Handicap Results

An excellent night for running in good conditions. Well done to everyone who took part an excellent turn out for this month’s handicap. Congratulations to Rosaleen on an excellent run to win this month’s handicap. Well done to Emma, Jennifer and David who all broke their handicap times.

Fiona and Peter both set qualifying times well done to both.

In the overall series Emma has taken over the lead and leads by just 3 points from Graham. With David Stephenson a further 3 points behind in 3rd place. It’s look like Emma is the favourite to win after the first 5 handicaps of the year, still a fair way to go though so watch out for those making their way up the table..

May-17 H/Cap Finish H/Cap Distance 4.4 Miles
Name Time Time +/- Pos Pts
Rosaleen Donnelly 00:46:43 00:45:54 -00:00:49 1st 20
Jennifer Long 00:39:16 00:38:34 -00:00:42 2nd 19
Emma Armstrong 00:42:30 00:41:54 -00:00:36 3rd 18
David Graham 00:34:46 00:34:14 -00:00:32 4th 17
Brian Buckley 00:33:23 00:33:58 00:00:35 5th 16
John Donneky 00:26:50 00:27:42 00:00:52 6th 15
David Stephenson 00:42:52 00:43:50 00:00:58 7th 14
Kelly Oliver 00:46:46 00:47:59 00:01:13 8th 13
Wayne Thompson 00:31:26 00:32:45 00:01:19 9th 12
Molly Foggon 00:32:29 00:33:57 00:01:28 10th 11
Graham Marshall 00:27:11 00:28:44 00:01:33 11th 10
Andrea Sutherland 00:37:09 00:38:51 00:01:42 12th 9
Louise Gardner 00:41:47 00:43:35 00:01:48 13th 8
Claire Wilkie 00:37:37 00:39:52 00:02:15 14th 7
Heather Armstrong 00:45:30 00:48:19 00:02:49 15th 6
Peter Fox 00:31:50 00:35:26 00:03:36 16th 5
Andrea Bullock 00:47:28 00:51:27 00:03:59 17th 4
Rebecca Sylvester 00:46:27 00:53:46 00:07:19 18th 3
Julie Lewis 00:47:08 00:54:37 00:07:29 19th 2
Jacob Davinson 00:36:52 00:36:10 -00:00:42 2nd=  
Fiona Gilchrist   00:41:54      
Peter Blackwell   00:46:29      

Overall Series Table:

Position Name Points No. Events
1st Emma Armstrong 72 4
2nd Graham Marshall 69 5
3rd David Stephenson 66 5
4th= Jennifer Long 59 4
4th= Brian Buckley 59 4
6th David Graham 58 4
7th John Donneky 51 4
8th Sam Redgate 49 3
9th Rebecca Sylvester 46 4
10th Julie Lewis 45 4
11th Rosaleen Donnelly 36 2
12th Chris Lowes 35 2
13th= Molly Foggon 29 2
13th= Wayne Thompson 29 2
15th Claire Wilkie 27 3
16th Paul Wiltshire 25 3
17th Andrea Bullock 24 2
18th Kelly Oliver 23 2
19th Andrea Sutherland 20 2
20th= Jose Moral Gant 18 1
20th= Mark Armstrong 18 1
20th= Tanya Marshall 18 2
20th= Louise Gardner 18 2
24th Adrian Cantle Jones 15 1
25th Peter Fox 14 2
26th Mark Davinson 13 1
27th Mark Hood 8 1
28th Heather Armstrong 6 1
29th Jill Piggins 4 1

2017 competitions

Senior Men's and Ladies Road Race Grand Prix Series

The Senior Grand Prix series is based around local road races that take place in our area. Each athlete has their own handicap for each distance (10Km, 10 Mile and 1/2 Marathon) or race if the race is not an exact distance such as the Blaydon race. The more time they knock off their time the more points they receive and the further away from their time the less points they receive. If you are doing a distance or event for the first time you will receive 40pts automatically.

The handicap time is based on the the athletes performances from the previous two years ie for 2013 handicap times it is the times form 2011 and 2012 that count.

For both the the men and ladies it is the best 8 events to count. The winners being the athletes with the most points at the end of the year.

Races on the Grand Prix Series dates for 2016

Race Date
Blyth 10Km 9th April
North Tyneside 10Km 16th April
Sunderland 1/2 Marathon 7th May
Sunderland 10Km 7th May
Raby Castle 10Km 21st May
Blaydon Race 5.9 Mile 9th June
Tynedale 10Km 27th June
Great North 10Km, Gateshead 9th July
Great North Run 1/2 Marathon 10th September
Tynedale 10 Mile 24th September
Town Moor Memorial 10 Km TBC
Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile TBC
Saltwell 10 Km  TBC

Points System

Points Plus or Minus improvement on Handicap Time
10 Over 3 Minutes Outside of Handicap Time
20 Over 2 Minutes Outside of Handicap Time
30 Over 1 Minute Outside of Handicap Time
40 No previous Performance at or Near this Distance
50 Within 1 Minute of Handicap Time
60 Up to 1/2 Minutes Improvement on Handicap Time
70 Up to 1 Minute improvement on Handicap Time
80 Up to 1 and 1/2  Minutes Improvement on Handicap Time
90 Up to 2 Minutes Improvement on Handicap Time
100 Over 2 Minutes Improvement on Handicap Time

Report on 2017 Road Race competitions

Some excellent performances in Sunderland today. Good to see John Donneky back running well a good run with 1hr 21 mins for the half marathon.
A good run from Wayne just two weeks after his marathon and a good PB from Andrea dipping under 2hours.

Not to be out done those doing the 10km ran well, Dave Reay had a good run recording time of just over  43 minutes, Emma dipped under the hour and Rosaleen just over the hour, John Cowen returned to form and an excellent run from Claire despite taking a tumble into the bushes. Well done all.

Road Race Grand Prix 2017
Overall series table

Position Name Points No. Events
1st John Donneky 120 2
2nd Dave Reay 120 2
3rd Wayne Thompson 80 1
4th John Cowen 50 2
5th= Jason Williamson 40 1
5th= Clare Williamson 40 1
5th= Emma Armstrong 40 1
5th= Rosaleen Donnelly 40 1
5th= Andrea Sutherland 40 1
5th= Terry Deary 40 1
11th Claire Wilkie 30 1
12h Jill Piggins 20 1

Senior Road Race Championship

The senior men's and ladies Road Race Championship will be based on the same road races that are in the Road Race Grand Prix Series. The fastest athletes will receive 15pts then the next fastest 14 pts and so on. The winner will be the athlete with the most pts from their best 8 performances.

Road Running Championship 2017 Standings:


Position Name Points No. Events
1st= John Donneky 30 2
1st= Dave Reay 29 2
3rd John Cowen 26 2
4th Wayne Thompson 14 1
5th Jason Williamson 13 1
6th Terry Deary 12 1


Position Name Points No. Events
1st Clare Williamson 15 1
2nd Claire Wilkie 15 1
3rd Andrea Sutherland 15 1
4th Emma Armstrong 14 1
5th Rosaleen Donnelly 13 1
6th Jill Piggins 12 1

Cross Country Championship 2016/2017
Mens Overall series Table

Position Name Points No. Events
1st  Mark Davinson 66 5
2nd John Donneky 59 4
3rd Dave Reay 51 4
4th= Adrian Cantle Jones 45 4
4th= Chris Lowes 45 4
6th Graham Marshall 43 3
7th Brian Buckley 39 4
8th Steve Dickson 14 1
9th Jose Moral Gant 10 1
10th David Graham 9 1
11th = Neil Smith 8 1
11th = Wayne Thompson 8 1

Ladies Overall Cross Country Table

Position Name Points No. Events
1st Claire Wilkie 59 3
2nd  Jennifer Long


3rd Sam Redgate 15 1
4th Tanya Marshall 13 1

Cross Country Grand Prix Series - Current Positions
Overall Serires Tab

Pos. Name Points No. Events
1st Adrian Cantle-Jones 325 6
2nd Mark Davinson 300 6
3rd Dave Reay 200 5
4th John Donneky 165 5
5th Brian Buckley 130 3
6th= Jose Moral Gant 105 2
6th= Claire Wilkie 105 2
8th= Chris Lowes 100 3
8th= Steve Dickson 100 2
10th Graham Marshall 85 3
11th Paul Wiltshire 55 1
12th David Graham 50 1
13th Claire Williamson 45 1
14th Jason Williamson 35 1

Congratulations to Adrian on his victory this year with a good set of performances throughout the season.
Mark finished in comfortable 2nd place well done Mark who will surely be aiming to be in the medium pack next season.

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