All across the history of mankind, athletics has always kept its place gloriously. Our athletics club prioritizes psychological and physical wellbeing through the art of sports. Have you dreamt of that club that materializes your sporting dreams? Here, we are!

Our athletic club is located in the outskirts of the city to give our athletes the opportunity to focus on their Athletics. We are closely in partnership with the English Athletics Association to make the best of their curriculum and facilities. We are a welcoming club that offers the chance for athletes and all sport lovers of all varieties and types of experience. Our club is a for nonprofit club and it is managed by an indigenous governing board rigorously synthesized from the club members.


A few years ago, the city sports and leisure administration agency in affiliation with volunteer sponsors of the increasing local sports community band together to create a new sports club. We enrolled several online casino operators in an early stage. Together with them we have been able to support the community. With support from Play Ojo casino we got the funds to begin. Since its creation, our club members have been taking part in the City 20km triathlon race and the Run For Your Lives Fitness Campaign which takes place during the winter.

We also take part in a host of other fixtures and individual races which happen in different times of the year. We have a junior club that mentors new athletes that are aged 8 and above. With the support of our highly professional and experienced coaches, we are focused in giving the young athletes in our club the opportunity to test their abilities in a wide variety of sport disciplines while we give them the chance to enter into competitions for those willing to put in the work and who have the talent.

The Present

A few months ago, we re-commissioned a second training facility to serve as the headquarter club. This allows for senior and junior members to meet together and have a more beneficial relationship together.

We also assist with tutored training sessions with the elite class coaching team. Training is strictly restricted to exclusive athletes and holds every other Wednesday. These sessions are for talented athletes of all disciplines and abilities. We are willing to give a chance to all our athletes to compete in the full repertoire of track and field events.

We are currently in business with Cricket Manager which is an online app (or management game). Since we share similar interests we have been able to share our insights with them to create the best of cricket games online there is. In return we have been able to learn cricket in the community with personal trainer and ex-athletes.

This is the reason why you should choose us as your number one sports club. We transform you into an elite athlete, giving you the required training, included nutrition programing to put you at the very top of your athletic game. For those who want fitness, this is still a reason to join us because we have the facilities and trainers to give you all the fitness you need to keep in shape.