Astro Turf

We have a multi-functional turf that is as big as a hockey field. The grasses are artificial and the turf can be used for rugby, hockey, as well as football. Our turf was completed a few years ago and is a third generation astro turf which is utilized by quite a few professional and semi-professional clubs in the United Kingdom.

The rubber crumb finish is quite similar to the surface that is utilized by clubs in the Premier League. The turf comes equipped with standard drainage while there are floodlights installed to allow for night training and competitive events.

Apart from our training sessions on the astro turf, we also allow our astro turf to be hired by people within the community who want to use the facility to organize events of their own. Should you choose to hire our facility, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Club by using the Contact Forms at the bottom of the page.

Climbing Wall

We have a world class climbing facility that was inaugurated a few years ago and is equipped to serve both adults and kids. It comes with a 12-metre netted wall and four boulders, complete with a chiseled wood entrance and a glass gallery for spectators. The whole area is well air conditioned with lots of lighting which are quite easy on the eyes and not so harsh.

For those who enjoy climbing with a Playlist melodiously spicing the background, we have a music equipment that keeps you climbing while enjoying your favourite tunes. Our training gives you strength and cardio conditioning which enables you to stay physically fit and athletic. Should you choose to rent it, reach out to us on the website and we would get back to you.

Swimming Pool

Our pool is one of the highlights of our club and was built by some of the best pool builders in the city. The pool is Olympic sized and is perfect for swimmers who want to up their game into the elite class. The friendly design of the pool makes it convenient to accommodate lessons for young children, teens, and adults. The best part about the pool is the Ultraviolet disinfectant feature. This allows us to use very little chlorine in the water making it is more convenient for your skin. To use our facilities, please contact us and we would get back to you.