Manchester United's Win over Watford is a sign of Dark thunderstorms to come For New Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

At this stage of the premiership, any team would be glad to have the three points no matter how badly they have played. This can also be said for Manchester United who were outplayed across the two legs of the first and second half. Manchester United triumphed over Watford but it was obvious to the Manager, the players, and the crowd that this was a match where Watford deserved to take something from the game.

Influential players like Paul Pogba were hardly to be seen and it is no surprise Romeku Lusaka was placed on the bench. With Manchester United still in contention for a top four finish, it was a win they needed to collect if they were going to be certain of ending this current campaign in the top four. There are still incredible teams to face which would likely decide their position such as their high flying neighbours Manchester City, and fellow top four contenders Chelsea.

Unfortunately, this was not how the new Boss expected to have his start at the Old Trafford. Although the atmosphere was made noisy with chants of the new boss's name, Watford managed to put on a show which was not fortunate to earn them a point.

This speaks volumes for the work the new manager would have on his hands when the season is over. There are many dead weights on the roster books who do not deserve to play for Manchester United such as Alexis Sanchez and Eric Bailly who has been plagues with injuries of recent.

The new boss will have to assert his authority and get the dead wood out of the team before been given the funds to invest in new players. Most of the players signed were signed under the approval and at the behest of Jose Mourinho and will have to be shown the door. Players like Fred do not deserve a place on the team and are likely to be shipped off too.

The new manager must be appreciated for using the tools at his disposal to grind out results but this cannot continue. Many players will have to leave this forthcoming season and for Manchester United to begin playing like the Fergie Era, more faith needs to be invested in the Coach.