There are thousands of people across the UK who take part in athletics. In a lot of diverse ways, it is truly one of the most varied and exciting sport in the world. The diverse disciplines cut across the track, field, water, and street providing an astounding array of events which different athletes with diverse abilities and techniques. This implies that there is no one stereotype to succeed as an athlete. For the more sedentary type of person, athletics is seen as a means to improve fitness.

We welcome all to our athletic club to exercise their bodies and minds. We have the active participation of different people from different age grades. We organize a lot of athletic completions and work with other international bodies to participate in more medal events.


We have a boxing facility with training and courses regulated by the Amateur Boxing Association of England which is the oversight body responsible for the administration of amateur boxing in the country. Our boxing course is strictly as approved from the ABLE and our trainers have the professional qualifications and experience to tutor potential boxers, integrating different boxing techniques including south paw boxing, olympic-style boxing and free range boxing. We also have an instructor course strictly for trainers to enable them upgrade their skills in the sport.


Recently, angling has begun to be seen as an important sporting activity in the country. Because of this, we have created an angling facility which makes it easy to understand the techniques to fishing. Our club is supported by numerous angling associations and this has led to an increase in community participation. Our target is to register as much as 300 Anglers in one season and get a medal in the upcoming angling event holding in Paris France. You are enjoined to join our angling department for those with the talent for fishing.


Our Badminton team is one of the best in England. We are very competitive in this sport having won three gold medals in five events over the years. We are always on the forefront of this event because we have some of the best trainers in our facility.

Mr. Harrison Brown, the head badminton coach was part of a bronze medalist team in the Olympics. We have judiciously deployed his guidance and expertise to tutor promising stars in the sport. We urge you to join our team to get the best training for yourself or your kids. We have courses that bring children into an elite program that will enable them compete in future events. You can find out from the contracts page how to get registered.


Our football academy is one of the best in the UK. We have a facility which brings children up from the age of 5 years. We have been a feeder club for many professional and semi-professional clubs in the country. We have produced exciting talent who have gone on to make a fantastic career in football across England and Ireland. You can join our football academy today.